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Do you get nervous just thinking about a visit to the dentist?

Many people feel anxious going to the dentist. This could be due to a bad experience as a child, general anxiety about lots of things, or fear of the unknown. Sometimes we don't even know the reason, and sometimes the fear is so disabling that it stops you doing what you want or need to do in life. This is called a phobia.

Here at St Peters Dental Clinic we have many ways to make your visit and that of your children more comfortable and less 'scary'.

For a start you can do a virtual tour of our clinic before you arrive. You can also check out our team at St Peters Dental Clinic . Consider reading a blog or checking some of our links for information about Dentistry. You can also book appointments online and fill out your 'new patient information' before you come in.

When you arrive we try not to keep you waiting unnecessarily. Our waiting room has a toy box for kids. Our staff are friendly, and will answer any questions you have. We actually enjoy the chance to explain what we do, and no question is too 'dumb' to be worth asking.

Dr Jane is very patient, and trained in Dental hypnosis to help make your treatment more comfortable and relaxed. All our clinical staff are gentle with treatment procedures including local anaesthetic if needed. If it helps we have sedation available, as well as specialist referrals if required.

In general we prefer a calm, unhurried approach, and always give you time to tell your story. People from any background are welcome here, and your preference for practitioners and treatment methods will be respected.  Our staff come from diverse cultures, and speak a number of different languages.

We have a genuine interest in getting to know you, and helping you achieve your dental goals. We hope this resonates with you, and look forward to making contact.

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