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Blog posts January 2021

Tooth Friendly Foods

With the Festive Season just behind us and a New Year in view, let's focus  tooth friendly foods.

Essentially, all foods that are considered healthy for your body are also healthy for your teeth!

This means eating plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, some protein, and for most people, some dair…

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Do you get nervous just thinking about a visit to the dentist?

Many people feel anxious going to the dentist. This could be due to a bad experience as a child, general anxiety about lots of things, or fear of the unknown. Sometimes we don't even know the reason, and sometimes the fear is so disabling that it stops you doing what you want or need to do in life. …

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What is a 'Restorative Dentist', you might ask?

Well, it is not an official title or specialization, but describes someone who has an interest in the field, and probably substantial experience in treatment planning, prosthodontists, implants, or crown and bridge. They may have worked across different sectors, for example public/private, country/c…

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Prevention IS better than cure!

What can I do about my worn down teeth?

1. Erosion

Tooth wear can happen from erosion, that is chemical disolving of tooth structure. The most common causes are food acids, esp those in sports drinks and carbonated soft drinks. But other sources include sparking wines, white wine, soda water, chewable vitamin C tablets, citrus fruits, ap…

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